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What we are

Technova labs is a technological venture which focuses IOT(Internet of Things), Drones, Web Development, App Development and Solution building for startups. We offer a full spectrum of solutions from responsive design, development to SEO. We have a dedicated team of of ambitious, passionate and highly techo enthusiast people, working on some cool technological stuff, with an intent of creating a dent in the universe. You Dream it, They Code it.

Our Skills

Web Development
App Development
Programming languages

Why Choose Us?

Our team of experts keep a watchful eye on current market trends and do in depth study of a Business process to provide insight and key suggestions to improve. Competitive Analysis is part of our service which can help you to stay one step ahead and maintain a competitive edge.Our services offer a unique understanding of the Demo graph and psychograph of the target audience to help you take informed decisions. Our design team studies the requirements and come up with web solutions vivid as your imagination. Sharp, vibrant pages will surely help to keep the page visitor hooked on with a feeling of “WOW that is amazing”. One of our services is to Test the web design for issues and at the strategically best time. Customer is kept in the Loop to get continuous feedback and provide the best design while keeping cost in mind. Techniques such as rapid prototyping coupled with expert advice can help to provide solutions with minimal lead time. Active customer feedback and the base of wire framework can help accommodate immediate delivery requirements. Using the best and recent technologies we provide web solutions that are unique and attractive that gives an unmatched performance across different platforms. One of the offered is Search Engine Optimization. SEO and other supportive techniques will ensure that a website can fare, survive and thrive in a competitive market.

Our Services

We don't just website design but we transform them to powerful business channel, Our websites are clean, clear and customized to your needs! We emphasize clear, clean, and navigable pages that represent your business positively.
People will listen to you if they like you; but if they trust you than they’ll do business with you. Here at Technova Labs we help you create this trust through multi layered brand ecosystem. We help you create the brand not just about being seen as better than the competitors but as the only possible solution for your customers.
In this competitive era, mass market communication is the need of the hour and that’s where email Marketing plays a vital role. Here at Technova Labs, We design and develop eye catching HTML email templates. Our designs intent to enhance the relationship of a merchant with its current/previous customers.
We create e-commerce solutions that offer fast, real time transactions, admin controlled sales reports, inventory management and secure payment systems. Our flexible, customized approach allows clients to focus on running their businesses instead of their digital marketing, traffic analysis, monthly maintenance / product uploading.
We help you to get best in class search engine optimization and marketing services. From content marketing to sensitive optimization, we get traffic flowing. We ensure that your website or content get higher position in search engine results.
If you can dream about it, we can code it — that’s our USP. Whether it’s designing a mobile version, making your website responsive on multi channels or developing native mobile applications, Technova Labs can manage the entire process for you.
An IOT training session which primarily focuses on in-depth knowledge of IOT technologies present in current market with Hands-On experiments desgined to unable you to be pro IOT programmer.
Technova Labs brings you this unique workshop, which will unleash possibilities of drone flying, because here you fly, what you build. BuildUrDrone is an exclusive expedition wherein you get through the journey of drone building right from the scratch to the moment when your drone touches the skies.
An extensive coding session where you will rack your brains to find solution to complex programming problems.


  • Address: Pakhal Road, Dwarka
    Nashik, Mahrashtra
  • Email: support@technovalabs.com
  • Website: www.technovalabs.com
  • Contact:+91-7798997860




  • Mr. Sohail Pathan addressing the attendents
  • Mr. Summet Pardeshi taking Blast a Ballon activity
  • Attendents building the drone
  • Attendents building the drone
  • Flying the Drone
  • Flying the Drone